Our Team


Isabel Becerra

President & Chief Executive Officer

For the past 27 years, Isabel has dedicated her career to public health with an emphasis in serving the underserved communities cared for by community health centers. In these efforts, she has been able to lead initiatives which empower communities across the country to address and overcome barriers to health equity. Isabel currently serves on the Board of Directors of California Primary Care Association, CalOptima Health, Waymakers Foundation, and the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California. She also participates on numerous committees and has received awards for her service. Since 2000, Isabel has been able to lead and represent communities in need in her hometown of Orange County. As the Chief Executive Officer, she spends her days negotiating and strengthening relationships that are aligned to ensure equal access to high quality, affordable and culturally competent health care for all. When not engaged in her role for the Coalition, you will find Isabel enjoying time with family at home or in the great outdoors either locally or across the country.

Isabel holds a degree in psychology from Pomona College of the Claremont Colleges. In addition, she has completed programs in leadership and advocacy from UC San Diego.

Personal Motto: Be the voice for the voiceless.


Ryan Yamamoto

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Ryan spends his days ensuring the organization, staff and member clinics have the resources and capacity to serve their patients and communities. Ryan has dedicated over fifteen years in health philanthropy and six years with health and human services organizations. In these roles, he was able to witness the countless acts of advocates and empowered communities locally and nationally fight for their health. Ryan returned to Orange County and joined the Coalition in late 2018. Outside of the office, you will find him at home or at a golf course, in the outdoors, or at one of Southern California’s restaurants.

Ryan holds a degree in health science, with a concentration in community health.

Personal Motto: People who wonder if the glass is half empty or full miss the point. The glass is refillable. – Unknown


Thomas Sheil

Chief Financial Officer

Tom brings a wealth of finance and accounting background to his Chief Financial Officer role at the Coalition. He has spent much of his professional life serving in nonprofit organizations both nationally and internationally. Tom also has broad experience in consulting, tax and business planning. He enjoys working with people in a variety of capacities and recognizes that everyone has something special to contribute.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Theory.

Personal Motto: Be the person you want to see in the mirror at the end of the day.


Sonia Shah, MPH

Vice President, Healthcare Operations

Sonia is the daughter of immigrant parents from India and although her father was an Accountant by training, he ventured into opening up his own business upon arriving to New York City. As such, her family didn’t have insurance coverage, and she spent most of her young childhood receiving care at Community Health Centers in New York City. This experience not only exposed her to Community Health Centers and the high quality care they provided, but living life without health care coverage, and watching her parents navigate systems and resources, with very limited English and understanding of the American culture, continued to show Sonia the challenges different communities face to get the basic and essential care needed. Sonia has always had a passion to connect communities, whether it be her small group of friends, or larger groups of people. Working at the Coalition allows her to put her passions, and her skills together to find ways to support the member health centers and the communities at large.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Psychology and a Master in Public Health with a focus on Hospital and Health Administration.

Personal Motto: The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. – Kobe Bryant


Andrew Niiro, MPA

Director, Health Information Technology

Andrew is not a stranger to community health centers, he brings with him the experience of working in two community health center systems and a large healthcare provider in Orange County. Well versed in both health care technology applications and data analytics, Andrew has held positions in quality and performance improvement and as a program manager. Most recently, he also served as the chair of the data governance committee with the Coalition’s Health Center Controlled Network. After finishing graduate school, Andrew started working at an FQHC and grew a passion for this work. He saw how those who have nowhere else to go for health care can be treated with dignity and high-quality care in community health centers.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master in Public Administration from Cal State University Long Beach.

Personal Motto: Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.


Aurora Garcia-Barrera

Director, Policy & Government Affairs

Aurora has spent the last 13 years working in the nonprofit sector and organizing for social justice and equity for the most vulnerable populations. As an organizer at The Children’s Partnership, Health Access, California Partnership, and Young Invincibles, she has engaged in multiple efforts to ensure that all Californians, particularly low-income and communities of color, have access to quality and affordable health care, among other issues. Her work has ranged from engaging community members from diverse backgrounds and state/local representatives to policy advocacy on state budget and legislation, to coordinating regional coalitions. From her time as Development Associate at the Council of Mexican Federations she also obtained experience in all aspects of fundraising. As the Director of Policy and Government Affairs at the Coalition OC, Aurora is responsible for leading the policy and advocacy strategies and campaigns that respond to the needs of Community Health Centers and the patients they serve.

Aurora holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Minor in Chican@ Studies from University of California, Los Angeles.

Personal Motto: In a world where people throw bricks at others, be the one who builds bridges with them.


Elizabeth Cuevas, CEC

Healthcare Navigator

Elizabeth has over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry. She has worked at Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego as a Financial Counselor where she proudly assisted families with county and state programs for their children’s healthcare. Dealing with a multicultural community she enjoyed working with families that resettled to San Diego from many other countries. Elizabeth has taken these experiences and her passion to make a difference in someone’s life. She is a proud mother of three and supports her partner as a business owner. She loves walks in the park, spending time with good friends, and peaceful evenings with family.

Personal Motto: The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.


Erick Delgado

Project Manager, Healthcare Operations Population Health

Erick comes with a multi-faceted background and experiences in the service industry to roles as a worship director and pastor. His most recent prior roles include a Client Relations Coordinator for a national copyright law firm assisting clients in navigating the onboarding process through to the finalization of pre-litigation settlements and a Conventional Negotiator for a debt settlement firm helping people reach financial freedom by negotiating with financial firms on behalf of the clients. From these roles, Erick brings his skills and abilities navigating complex systems, managing processes, and negotiating the most successful outcomes for the client and company.

In his free time, Erick likes to serve as a musician at his church. He also enjoys reading, watching movies, and skateboarding.

Erick holds an undergraduate degree in political science with a minor degree in Biblical studies.

Personal Motto: One more. This motto comes from Erick’s time playing football and has seeped into all facets of his life. It was a useful reminder to keep going when the workout got too hard, when he got hit too hard and didn’t want to get up. Erick also has the motto, “just keep going” that motivates him when he’s scared but the work is too important, too critical for him to quit.


Imelda Buncab

Director, Branding & Communications

Imelda has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector from direct services to program management and administration. She has worked on issues of gender-based violence, human trafficking, and intersections of homelessness, race, equity, and inclusion. Imelda is no stranger to the Coalition OC, she came from our member health center Share Ourselves (SOS) in the previous role of Chief Program and Engagement Officer. In this position, Imelda led social services, community engagement, volunteer program, and marketing and communications for the organization. Imelda has worked with the Coalition OC team during the pandemic as Share Ourselves served with the Coalition OC in administering COVID vaccines to communities throughout the County and then again assisting refugees from Afghanistan with their health assessments as they were admitted to the US under the Refugee Health Assessment Program. A community advocate at heart, Imelda also serves on several boards of directors including Leadership Tomorrow OC, Extera Public Schools, Be A Book Worm, and the Maria Suarez Foundation. She believes that everyone can make a difference by simply caring and doing acts of good. It is this collective act of good that will advance us to the better world we imagine.

Imelda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Personal Motto: Your words are powerful. Your actions are powerful. Wield them for good.


Isabel Inzunza-Zamorano, CEC

Healthcare Navigator

Isabel has 25 years of work experience helping families and individuals obtain health care access and other essential services. She has extensive knowledge in Medi-Cal, Covered CA, CalFresh, and CalWORKS programs and is a certified enrollment counselor. Isabel’s passion to help the community has led her to organizing outreach activities promoting immigration and citizenship program services. She is a constant at guiding community members in accessing and utilizing medical services. Isabel’s goal is to share her expertise in our community.

Personal Motto: Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.


Ivonne Magallanes, CPHQ, CPPS

Director, Quality Management

Ivonne is a collaborative leader with a background that includes more than 30 years of experience working with organizations across the private, public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors. Her work has been in the areas of: business administration, operations management, quality improvement, patient safety, risk management, The Joint Commission Accreditation and regulatory compliance, as well as employee training and development. Her various experience includes the following venues: primary care, acute care, oral health, behavioral health, and senior programs, with a focus on underserved populations.

Ivonne holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Pepperdine University. She is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) and a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS).

Personal Motto: Together, we can make healthy and happy communities a reality.


Jewel Loff

Director, MATCONNECT Program

Jewel has spent 32 years in banking and finance with 24 years as a Vice President. During that time she served as a Board Member and Treasurer of the Orange County Rescue Mission. She was the initial Board Member for the Hurtt Family Medical Group when it became an FQHC. Jewel later accepted a position as the Vice President of the Orange County Rescue Mission and Chief Executive Officer of the Hurtt Family Health Clinic. She served in this role for 7 years before establishing her own consulting firm specializing in supporting FQHCs. She has been Director of the Coalition’s MAT Connect program since March 2020 and has been instrumental in expanding access to MAT in Orange County through the MAT Connect member clinics. Jewel centers her work in the people we serve. The opioid epidemic is a significant problem for the world today, but behind the statistics are thousands of grieving parents, siblings, and family members who are devastated by the loss of their loved one. She loves knowing that every time the program shares information on how to seek treatment, it may mean that another family won’t lose a child.

Personal Motto: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt. Which means to Jewel that not every action creates significant change, but taking any action is important, even small continual action can create change and make the world a better place.


Joshua Castro

Program Manager, MATCONNECT Program

Joshua has over 10 years experience in social services/substance use disorders with a background as an EMT. He has worked in SUD detox programs, that includes a felony re-entry housing program providing direct services and working with people who are formerly incarcerated. Through the MAT Connect Program, he works in the jails assisting those suffering from addiction and mental health issues being released from prison. Josh helps to stabilize them through supports such as medication, case management, therapy, and medical care. He is proud to be part of the MAT Connect team and his work in having a direct impact helping those in need during a crisis, to give them the best opportunity to succeed on their own in the community.

Personal Motto: Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou


Kevin Tygard

Project Manager, MATCONNECT Program

Kevin brings over 20 years lived experience working in recovery programs as a support staff, client peer navigator, intake coordinator, and project manager. He shares his lived experience from recovery and treatment as he also found recovery in helping people and finds it fulfilling seeing someone succeed in treatment. Kevin assists those suffering from addiction and mental health issues by providing supports such as medication, case management, therapy, and medical care. He works tirelessly to amplify the challenges for those seeking and needing MAT through community presentations and speaking engagements. He is working to change adverse attitudes and mindset about medically assisted treatment by sharing stories of client success in the MAT program. Kevin is happily married with four stepchildren.

Personal Motto: Be that change you want to see in the world. – Ghandi


Melissa Guerrero

Executive Assistant

Melissa has extensive years of experience in diverse administrative functions, encompassing scheduling and project management. Her professional journey through various business roles has honed her ability to customize her skills to the unique requirements of a wide-ranging clientele. Melissa possesses the adeptness to engage with prospective and current clients directly, leading to noteworthy enhancements in customer satisfaction ratings at multiple organizations. In addition to her role as an executive assistant, Melissa remains actively engaged in her local community, contributing her free time to volunteer efforts. Her commitment to aiding others drives her dedication, and she sees her involvement with the Coalition as a continued means to support and uplift communities.

Melissa holds a degree in business administration from Cal State University Fullerton.

Personal Motto: “Efficiency in every endeavor,” reflects her unwavering dedication to optimizing processes and facilitating success for those she serves.


Mourad Lamey

Data Analyst

While working as a civil engineer at GE, Mourad always had a strong desire to directly help people and make a positive impact. Driven by this passion, he decided to switch gears and dive into healthcare. Mourad’s previous experience includes working in the IT department for various dental clinics, a PACE Program, and an FQHC. His talent for data analytics stems from a blend of academic learning and real-world practice. Beyond his professional role in healthcare, Mourad also gives back to his community through involvement in church scouts and choir activities.

Mourad holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and project management from Egypt, as well as a bachelor’s degree in public health from the University of California, Irvine.

Personal Motto: Service with kindness is the main recipe for non perishable happiness.


Nancy Ruelas-Lopez, CEC

Healthcare Navigator

Nancy is a healthcare navigator/enrollment counselor with extensive experience helping community members navigate the healthcare world. Her goal is to help individuals understand the importance of health coverage and assist in questions relating to their care and coverage. She assists enrollment services for Covered CA, Medi-Cal, CalFresh and CalWORKS. She has worked in human/social services for many years.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cal State University San Bernardino.

Personal Motto: Be the reason someone smiles today.

Scott Serpa

Data Analyst & Integration Coordinator

Scott serves as the Integration Coordinator/Data Analyst for the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers. He is a proficient data analyst. In his role, Scott manages the data for the Coalition’s MAT Connect program. He also validates data for the Coalition’s analytics platform, Relevant.


Stephanie Hernandez, CEC

Program Manager, Healthcare Operations

Care & Coverage

Stephanie is a Santa Ana local, born and raised. She has a wealth of experience in community health, with a focus on insuring the uninsured in Orange and South County. She has worked at North Orange County Community Health Centers, now known as Family Health Matters as program lead for Covered California. She brings this experience and commitment to assisting and finding the best healthcare coverage that fits patients’ needs leading Covered California, Medi-Cal Redetermination and Expansion programs for the Coalition. In addition, she is Certified as a Covered California Enrollment Counselor, Benefits Cal specialist and Immigration Accredited representative. Stephanie serves on the CalOptima’s Advisory Committee and the Orange County Task Force Steering Committee as the Certified Enrollment Counselor lead. Outside of work Stephanie loves spending time with her kids, and participating in their sports activities. You can find her in the kitchen cooking and baking on her free time. She loves reading and learning new things, especially around emotional and mental health.

Stephanie holds associate degrees from Santa Ana College in liberal arts/humanities/communication, community social services, social and behavioral science, psychology and social service.

Personal Motto: Back of the Clouds the sun is always SHINING.


Stephanie Lomeli, CEC

Healthcare Navigator

Stephanie a first-generation college graduate. She is from a Hispanic background and grew up in a low-income, Hispanic populated community. This exposed her to the need and urgency for community navigators and advocacy. She has a passion for understanding human behavior and the complexities of legal systems that is intertwined with her desire to wanting to help others, especially those who are underserved. Stephanie is experienced in customer service and working with children with developmental disabilities. She thrives in environments where being able to help people is the main priority.

Stephanie holds degrees in psychological science and criminology, law and society from University of California, Irvine.

Personal motto: Be a little kinder than necessary.


Yong Yi


Yong brings over 20 years experience in accounting to the Coalition. Her accounting career spans working at a culinary school to a state revenue agency. She enjoys working with numbers and the attention to details of her work. Yong appreciates being part of the Coalition team in helping the community of Orange County access high quality healthcare. When she is not at work crunching numbers, Yong can be found walking on the beach or hiking with her husband and taking care of her fur babies. She is a fur mom to two cats (Lena and Nabi) and a dog (Bori) who were rescued and adopted.

Yong holds a degree in accounting from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Personal Motto: Love your neighbor and do your best.