COVID-19 Program

COVID-19 Vaccination

“If One Group is Vulnerable, We Are All Still Vulnerable.”


Why Vaccination is Important:

  • Whereever SARS-CoV-2 is spreading, there is the potential for new and possibly concerning variants to emerge- and these could be deadlier or more transmisslbe.
  • Helps people develop immunity to a virus.
  • Effectively protects individuals by preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
  • Slows cycle of transmission in population.
  • Widespread vaccination helps limit spread of COVID through communities and will restrict the virus’s opportunity to continue to mutate into new variants.
  • Offers a way to transition out of this phase of the pandemic.

Coalition OC and Member Health Centers 

The Orange County Community Health Centers continue to provide COVID-19 vaccinations at their health center sites. 

Additionally, many of our member health centers are also working with Community Partners; Elected Officials; Ethnic Markets; School Districts, etc to bring vaccine clinics to targeted communities. If an organization is interested in partnering with our member health centers in conducting a vaccine clinic, please contact Sonia Shah, Director of Programs at